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Save over a thousand dollars!

How Lady Di Cleans brought an oven back from the replacement pile

One of our customers was chatting with me during one of our cleanings and mentioned she was going to have to purchase a new oven. I asked her why and she showed me the insides.

The oven was in pretty bad shape, with long-term built-in stains that made the unit look very old and definitely, not very appetizing.

Lady Di Cleans offers refurbishing services for appliances so our client asked us to treat her oven to see what we could do.

Below are the results. Through the use of our environmentally safer products that pack tremendous cleaning power, the oven was brought back to life and looks new. The client was overjoyed as she was about to shop for a new one. She estimates she saved well over a $1,000.

Lady Di Cleans is happy to talk to all clients about the additional services we offer such as appliance deep cleans, organizational services and more.

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